A covey of cousins? My cousin Elaine Warner(in blue)! came from San Diego to Maryland for a ceremony at the Naval Academy honoring her late husband Bob Craig. She brought three of their six children. My sister Rose and I reconnoitered with them at Harborplace in Baltimore for a traditional celebratory feast of cooked crustaceans. Fun! Right to left: cousin Steve, his wife Jan, cousin Diana, Rose, Elaine, cousin Robin, your correspondent


In a happy coincidence, a visit to my sister Rose last week took place on the same day that my cousin Marge and her husband Bob were having a dinner party, and they invited me to join the party. It was a lot of fun, with a lively conversation centering on czarnina and Bob’s squirrel training program, plus I had the agreeable distinction, for the first time in years, of being the youngest person in the room! From Left to right, my cousin Dot, Dave Powell (husband of my cousin Chris), Marge, me, Rose, and Chris.