Publishers Weekly has given Commander Will Cushing a starred review:

“Most Americans know the major figures of the Civil War–Lincoln, Lee, Grant–while it seems only the hardcore Civil War buffs know about the naval action during that war. Fortunately journalist Malanowski (And the War Came) remedies that with this gripping, accessible biography of Union naval officer Lt. Cmdr. William Barker Cushing. Reckless and fearless at the most opportune moments, Cushing possessed traits that enabled him to rise from class clown at the Naval Academy to famed lieutenant commander by the end of his short life. He became a national hero known for his dangerous exploits, perhaps the most famous of which was taking down the seemingly invincible Confederate ironclad Albemarle, surviving the battle by crawling through a swamp and reappearing after everyone thought he was dead. Malanowski’s nimble prose serves the action sequences perfectly, and gives Cushing’s battles the weight and presentation they deserve. At these points, the book no longer feels like the typical historical read, but has the page-turning excitement of a thriller. Malanowski ends with a brief reflection on what this hero could have become had lived beyond his 32 years. Readers will admire both Cushing’s daring and genius as well as the author’s talent for capturing the full scope of them.”