Along with my writing, I provide a range of editorial services to a small clientele of writers who are seeking help in telling their stories, or completing their books.  The services I provide are geared to the particular needs of the writer and the project; they include reading and reacting to manuscripts; identifying the story structure, preparing outlines, proposals and sample chapters; editing and/or polishing completed manuscripts; and/or ghostwriting the piece, as needed. Current and former clients include:

Maneet Ahuja, CNBC producer, author of Alpha Masters: Unlocking the Genius of the World’s Top Hedge Funds, which was published by Wiley in 2012.

Cristina Alger, novelist, author of the The Darlings, which was published by Pamela Dorman Books in 2012

David Berg, attorney, whose memoir Run, Brother, Run, was published by Scribners in June 2013. I helped the author shape his completed manuscript.

Henry Bushkin, a Beverly Hills attorney, whose book Johnny Carson, a memoir of his relationship with the talk show host, was published by Houghton Mifflin in 2013. The book spent six weeks onThe New York Times' best-sellers list, and was named by theTimes and People magazine among the ten best books of the year.

Nunyo Demasio, whose authorized biography of football coach Bill Parcells was published by Crown in October 2014.

Hal Jay Greene, a businessman who is working on a novel.

Lawrence Levy, former EVP and CFO of Pixar, whose memoir To Pixar and Beyond will be published by Houghton Mifflin in December 2016

Joseph Plumeri, former CEO of Willis Holdings, whose book The Power of Being Yourself was published by Da Capo in April 2015. 

James Quinn, a New York attorney, who is working on a memoir about forty years in the sports business.

Dr. Howard Samuels, drug therapist, whose memoir Alive Again was published by Wiley in 2013. 

Dr. Robert Wilkins, a Houston physician, who is writing a novel about gangsters in Galveston during the Roaring 20s.

``Jamie taught me the style of writing my book needed and, more importantly, he gave me the confidence that I could pull it off. He brought  a superb, critical eye every step of the way. It was a delight working with him. I’m proud to call Jamie not just my writing teacher but my friend.''

--Lawrence Levy


‘‘Your polish on prose is truly a thing of beauty.’’
—Maneet Ahuja

‘‘My agent asked Jamie to take a last look at my book just before he sent it to publishers.  Jamie's insightful suggestions about its organization sent me back to my computer for sixty more days.  In the end, the book was submitted on a Thursday and on the following Thursday, Scribner bought it.  Jamie, who has become a good friend, made a huge contribution to that result.’’
—David Berg

I have nothing but kudos for the work you do.’’
—Henry Bushkin

‘‘Jamie Malanowski is not only a great editor, but a superb teacher. I warn you, he is frank, but right on target. I recommend him without reservation.’’
—Bob Wilkins

The Alpha Masters

The Darlings

Run, Brother, Run

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