aqmK6p7_460s12.26 American Hustle Underwhelming. Heapings of technique atop an ill-defined story. But as always, Jennifer Lawrence steals the show.
11.16 Hunger Games II
11.9 Thor: the Edge of Something
11.2 The Counsellor
10.26 Enough Said
10.19 Captain Phillips
10.4 Gravity
9.27 The Butler
8.1 Red 2
7.17 Skyfall (DVD)
7.16 World War Z
7.16 Master and Commander (DVD)
7.6 Goon (TV)
7.2 Lincoln
ng>6.19ong> Man of Steel
Reign on Me (TV)
End of Shift (Netflix)
The Hatfields & The McCoys, (Netflix)
MI 5, Seasons 1-10, Netflix, May
Alice-Eve5.27 Star Trek Into Darkness
5.24 Iron Man 3
5.23 The Impossible (Netflix)
5.11 The Great Gatsby
5.10 Silver Linings Playbook
3.26 Quartet
2.9 House of Cards (netflix)
2.2 Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (TV)
1.11 Zero Dark Thirty
1.4 Django Unchained

2012 MOVIES AND DVD (35/39)
12.31 Hyde Park-on-Hudson
12.30 Master and Commander: The Far Side of the Sea (HBO)
12.27 Silver Linings Playbook
12.25 Les Miserables
12.2 The Girl (HBO)
12.1 Hitchcock
11.17 Lincoln
11.11 You’ve Been Trumped
11.10 Skyfall
11.2 Flight
11.1 Vexed DVD
10.31 Kidnap and Ransom DVD
10.30 Injustice DVD
10.12 Seven Psychopaths
10.11 Argo
10.4 Disturbing the Peace
9.25 The Master
9.22 Trouble with the Curve
9.19 Willoughby Wonderful (Roku)
9.15 Lawless
9.1 Two Days in New York
8.11 21 Jump Street (PPV)
8.11 The Campaign
7.26 The Sinking of the Laconia (DVD)
7.25 Killer Joe
7.24 Savages
7.22 The Dark Knight Rises. Outstanding.
7.20 Island at War (Roku)
7.19 Searching for Sugarman
7.17 To Rome With Love
7.14 Albert Nobbs (DVD)
7.14 Haywire (DVD)
7.14 Contraband (DVD)
7.13 Beasts of the Southern Wild
7.11 Trust (Roku)
7.10 Man on a Ledge (DVD)
7.10 Safe House (DVD)
7.4 Glory (TV)
6.29 OSS 117 Lost in Rio (Roku)
6.23 Criminal Justice (Roku)
6.22 The Trip (Roku)
6.22 Saving Private Perez (Roku)
6.20 Lilyhammer (Roku)
6.19 Rock of Ages
6.17 Prometheus 3D
6.10 Monroe (DVD)
5.30 Sleepwalk With Me
5.29 Best Exotic Marigold Hotel
5.22 Bernie
5.12 My Week With Marilyn (DVD)
5.11 Dark Shadows
5.4 The Avengers Very good.
4.27 Carnage (DVD)
4.10 Salmon Fishing in the Yemen
4.6 The Hunger Games I liked it!
4.5 Drive (DVD)
3.17 Young Adult
3.17 The League of Gentlemen (DVD)
3.12 The Bank Job (TV)
3.10 Game Change (HBO)
3.10 London Boulevard (DVD)
3.3 The Mighty Macs (DVD)
3.3 <em>The Last Legion
2.21 The Artist
Trial and Retribution 4
Trial and Retribution 3
Trial and Retribution 2
Trial and Retribution 1
Above Suspicion 2: The Red Dahlia
Above Suspicion 1
1.21 Red Tails Awful!
1.13 Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy
1.13 The Iron Lady
1.6 The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
1.2 The Forsyte Saga (Roku)
1.2 Cold War on Ice (TV)

2011 MOVIES AND DVD (28/46)
12.30 Downton Abbey (Roku) Excellent!
12.28 Our Idiot Brother (DVD)
12.28 The Descendants
12.27 Le Circle rouge (Roku)
12.27 Glorious 39 (Roku)
12.25 War Horse
12.23 Crazy Stupid Love (DVD) “Seriously? Are you fucking kidding me? You look photo-shopped!”
12.16 Larry Crowne (DVD)
12.10 Cowboys and Aliens (DVD)
12.2 Miss Austin Regrets (DVD)
11.26 Unknown (TV)
11.26 Sea of Love (TV)
11.25 A Better World (DVD)
11.15 Another Happy Day
11.13 Battlefield: Los Angeles (TV)
11.11 J. Edgar
11.5 Margin Call
11.5 Made In Dagenham (DVD) Excellent!
10.25 The Hour (DVD) Loved it–want to see more. Dominic West and Romola Garai are tremendous–and they look great!
10.22 Bad Teacher (DVD) Bad movie.
10.22 Bridesmaids (DVD)
10.7 The Ides of March
9.29 Moneyball
9.17 The Lincoln Lawyer (DVD)
9.17 Contagion Terrific!
9.16 The Debt
9.10 Barney’s Version (DVD) With an exquisite supporting performance from Dustin Hoffman, and three captivating actresses: a beautiful Rachel Lefevre, a hilarious and sexy Minnie Driver, a soulful Rosamund Pike.
8.30 The Help
8.28 Vera Cruz (DVD)
8.26 Sarah’s Key
8.23 The Guard
8.9 The Best and The Brightest
7.22 Captain America, The First Avenger
7.22 127 Hours (DVD) James Franco deserved his Oscar nomination.
7.15 Friday Night Lights, Season 5 (NBC)
7.8 X-Men First Class
7.9 1966 (Roku)
7.6 A Good Old Fashioned Orgy
7.4 Yankee Doodle Dandy (TMC)
6.29 Mesrine, Part Two: Public Enemy (Roku)
6.28 Mesrine, Part One: Killer Instinct (Roku)
6.28 Midnight in Paris
6.25 Country Strong (VOD)
6.18 Kill the Irishman (VOD)
6.18 Cemetery Junction (DVD)
6.10 The Secret Life of a Call Girl, Season One (DVD). Kind of like Billie Piper.
5.25 The Trip
5.8 Thor (Imax 3D) Okay, fine, but–why the beard? And more important, why didn’t he wear his hat more?
4.22 Boardwalk Empire Season One I really got into it, particularly Kelly MacDonald
4.22 The World As We Know It (DVD)
4.19 Hanna Interesting, in a weird Euro way.
4.8 Win Win Charming. Amy Ryan would make any man proud.
3.27 The Pat Tillman Story (DVD)
3.25 Jane Eyre
3.19 The Adjustment Bureau
3.15 Cedar Rapids
2.12 Welcome to the Rileys (DVD)
3.5 Robin Hood (DVD) Really, a pretty good movie, much better than the tepid reception it received when it appeared would have suggested. Often fresh (but sometimes cliched), usually intelligent (but occasionally veering into Hollywoodisms), the movie could have been better. I would have liked to have seen more between Russell Crowe and Cate Blanchett. And I would have liked to have seen more talk about challenging the king, and less speechifying. Sometimes you get the impression that Ridley Scott gets bored with thinking and says `Let’s get on with it,’ and therefore falls short of what could be really brilliant movies.
3.4 The Prince of Persia (DVD) Imagine a movie so terrible that it makes Gemma Arterton look unattractive.
3.3 Dinner for Schmucks (DVD)
2.26 Catfish (DVD) As William Saletan wrote the other day, “Humanity is migrating to cyberspace.” In the past, people would go west and invent a new identity. This woman did it on Facebook.
2.24 Red (DVD)
2.12 The American (DVD)
2.12 Down Terrace (DVD)
1.30 The Company Men
1.26 Knight and Day (DVD) Who was responsible for making this drab, charmless film a summer tentpole flick?
1.26 Salt (DVD) The alternate versions are different movies to the same end: an above-average thriller that didn’t know how to come to an end
1.21 The Fighter
1.20 The Conspirator
1.14 The Other Guys (DVD) Will Ferrel‘s appeal continues to elude me.
1.8 The Way Back
1.8 Friday Night Lights, Season 4
1.6 Friday Night Lights, Season 3
1.4 Friday Night Lights, Season 2
1.2 Friday Night Lights, Season 1

War Horse
American Idiot

2010 MOVIES AND DVD (41/32)
12.25 True Grit “Keep your seat, trash.”
12.14 Public Speaking One cannot underestimate the skill required in speaking so fluidly and fluently, but on the while, Fran Lebowitz is overrated as a wit.
12.14 The Next Three Days Another excellent performance by Russell Crowe, but what has happened to his ability to find iconic roles?
12.10 The King’s Speech
12.5 Legion (DVD)
12.4 The Best Man (DVD)
11.25 Morning Glory
11.23 Unstoppable
11.18 Client 9

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